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on your electricity costs with Onyx Renewables
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Join Today! Start Here.

What is Community Solar?

Community solar is a green energy option that brings the benefits of solar to renters, homeowners and other community members without the upfront costs of installing your own panels. Instead, solar panels are located at a local community solar farm in New York. The solar power generated is delivered into your local power grid, and you receive dollar credits directly on your Con Edison utility bill. The savings are automatic — all you need to do is enroll! 


Solar energy goes directly into the Con Edison grids, replacing carbon energy.


Our solar farms are located right here in New York, supporting the community.

Save up to 10%

For every $100 of solar credits earned, you pay as little as $90 — that’s a 10% discount applied directly to your Con Edison bill.


Satisfaction guaranteed! Plus, feel great knowing you’re helping to keep our planet healthy.

How You Benefit

Our solar farms send clean power to the Con Edison utility to be shared with the community. When you enroll with Onyx Renewables, your utility account will automatically be connected to our solar farm, saving you money directly on your Con Edison electricity bill every month. 

Solar panels are located on our community solar farm roofs, not yours.

Green energy goes directly into the Con Edison electricity grid.

You earn solar credits toward your Con Edison utility bill.


A 10% discount is applied directly to the solar credits on your Con Edison
utility bill. 


About Onyx Renewables

Onyx believes all residents should have easy access to affordable, clean energy – especially within our homes. We are proud to offer community solar solutions to Con Edison customers who want save money on their electricity costs, but who may not have the ability to install solar panels themselves. That’s why we’re inviting our neighbors to explore the benefits of Onyx Community Solar with us!


Call us local toll free at (646) 738-9540


How does the program work?

Enroll once, and your Con Edison electricity account will be linked to Onyx’s community solar farm. It’s an easy way to save money on your electricity bills. Solar power goes from the solar farm into the Con Edison electric grids where it helps power your community with planet-friendly renewable energy. As a subscriber, you get a piece of the clean energy incentives in the form of solar credits, which can contribute to up to a 10% discount off your utility bill.

Do I need to own my home or apartment to participate?

Nope! Renters and homeowners alike have access to community solar savings — no solar panel installation necessary!

How do I see my savings?

Each month, customers will see their discounted solar credits applied directly to their Con Edison utility bill. This means Onyx customers receive only one consolidated bill from Con Edison that shows their dollar savings and 10% discount. 

Do I keep my utility provider?

Yes! There is no change or disruption to your electricity service. Con Edison will remain your utility provider and continue to send a monthly bill. The only difference is, as an Onyx customer, you’ll automatically receive a 10% discount on the solar credits applied directly on your Con Edison bill. 

Exact savings will vary depending on your energy usage each month.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Con Edison customers can enroll today to start saving up to 10% directly on their electricity costs!

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